So I still play on neopets…. This is on of them  She is an UC Faerie Ruki and her name is Baby Bluebelle.
I love her :3

So I still play on neopets…. This is on of them  She is an UC Faerie Ruki and her name is Baby Bluebelle.

I love her :3


Little friend we found on the weekend

So, I am looking to make some side money.  Anyone know anybody who is interested in reasonable priced and well drawn porn?  Because I am highly available.

the bitch who just GUP'd that uc baby kougra is gonna be one of the same bitches whining about how little UCs there are

naw she’s not, dumb butt. she’s even adopting out another uc baby kougie. depymcderp. 

i am really drunk, though that does not mean i lie.  when i am drunk i find myself telling more what my heart screams to say when i beg for it to be quiet when sober. 

Basically, and honestly, i am trying to say, please do not take anything i currently right just as a passing drunk fancy, because that is not truly true  i mean every word, and none should be taken lightly.  i love you, and you should to.  Unless you accuse me of being a fool….. then that’s fairly rude on your part, right?  anyways, never underestimate yourself.  you are all worth fighting for and i mean it.  i have know blockage to say what i am saying.  you are all inspiring just by being you.  never think you have to be more.  you already have it down. just continue what it means to be you and the world will love and grow from it.  you are worth while in all of this.  never thing you not.  even when things seem to be going wrong.  you are worth while and fighting for.  never stop who you are. make you loud and obnoxious.  you deserve it and it’s  what the world wants.  i love you.   i love you.

Despite the love i wish i could share with you all, there i only one i wish to hold me in the end of the timeless night and that is Anthony.  I couldn’t wish for a more signifigant other, though i see these roles in some othersm he is the only want i want to be with at the end of my journey, at then end of my day,  he is the only one i want ti return to.  while others will catch my fancy and will be respected at a higher place in my heart, none with ever reach the sleeping grounds of my sweet anthony.    He willl always have have secrete grove that no one else could penetrate, however they may wish to be in his place, they must settle at a slightly lower thron of heavenly honeysuckle bush, for i will also and forever return to my anthonhy, throne  to all of the sweets flowers that secrete their lock into my heart  

wow.  i am surprised i havent thrown up yet.  guess i better drink some more…. despite it being 6:20am in the morning…… FUCK THE STANDARD.

lesson learned,.   do not search “hentai gif” on tumblr unless you are prepared to masturbate for 3 hours…. what exactly was the lesson i learned?  that i can masturbate for three hours straight.  awwwww yis

hey everyone! all 14 of you!    yeah, i know i haven’t been on in forevever, but wanted everyone to know that everything is going pretty well.  I am  currently taking animation and in head over heals in love with it, but i am also considering speech pathology as a stable career to possibly grow a family from and am really stuck between the two opportunities.  both sound really worth firghting for….i don’t know.   good thing i’m not preggers huh?

hm,mmm… i guess it’s also a good time to mention that i am totally shit faced and am about to message all of my lovelies, but i want my lovelies to know that i am messaging them because i care about them, not because i am shit faces…. which i really am. and it feels more often.  and should do more frequently if i didn’t think i would lost myself so much… oh well. i ove you all!  and i don’t really remember what i was originally trying to say with this.  if only i could right essay as well as i type randomey drunk i would be a super scholar.  omg i can’t wait to read this when i am sober….. but firtst i have to make sure i don’t get sober……     good thing my strawberry and bananana (fuk this work is hard spelling drunk…and for some reason typing my complaint is easier to fix it because fuck bananananananas fuck) vodka and peach juice cocktail is at hand.  don’t wanna be sober for a long time. fuck college.

love you.